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Kerry Damskey

Kerry Damskey, the Indiana Jones of Wine… Making Gold from Dust!

Kerry Damskey holds a Bachelor of Science degree in fermentation sciences, from the University of California, Davis. He is also a graduate of the intensive program for small business, at the Stanford University School of Business.

Drew Damskey

Drew Damskey’s winemaking and grape-growing career trajectory began with grandparents Ray and Constance Damskey and then continued with parents Kerry and Daisy Damskey. Drew has seamlessly evolved into their circle of passion.

Drew describes a natural winemaker’s course as going to Davis or Fresno, working in a cellar, traveling abroad for experience, and then putting together a resume.

Daisy Damskey

Daisy, featured in Michele Mandro’s Wine County Woman of Sonoma County, “has worked alongside her husband from their early years in San Diego County. There, she was an instructor at San Diego State University, then segueing to Terroirs Inc. Daisy’s love for agriculture grew from early years at her grandparent’s walnut ranch in Napa Valley, picking and selling bags of nuts. Daisy has always sought to balance her career in the wine industry, with her passion for service.”