Kerry Damskey


Kerry DamskeyKerry Damskey, the Indiana Jones of Wine… Making Gold from Dust!

Kerry Damskey holds a Bachelor of Science degree in fermentation sciences, from the University of California, Davis. He is also a graduate of the intensive program for small business, at the Stanford University School of Business.

He bounds into a room and within moments knows names and affiliations. Kerry is charismatic, and energetic, and leaves a lasting imprint on everyone he meets because he personifies a joy and lust for life.

Like Andre Tchelistcheff before him, Kerry believes wine is made in the vineyard and the winemaker is merely the “midwife” in the artisan process of winemaking. “It’s the winemaker’s job to articulate a definable style for a wine but you don’t create an identity – that must come from the grapes,” according to Kerry.

His work is not only developing the styles of wine varieties but he’s also known for breaking boundaries in uncharted territories. Studying a terroir, Kerry then works on how to achieve a wine’s character, in areas with absolutely no pre-defined, distinct differentiation, yet, to have been established. This is why Kerry’s been called a “Wandering Winemaker” and the “Indiana Jones of Winemaking.”

Kerry’s wealth of knowledge is of a forerunner in the “how-to” department, having established winemaking boundaries in California, Washington, China, Bulgaria, Israel, India, and Costa Rico. He accomplished this all while maintaining his family-owned Palmeri Winery, in Sonoma County, California. When asked to describe Palmeri‘s wine style, Kerry says, “they’re an expression of our family’s dedication – verging on obsession for small-lot wines driven by mountain terroir, native yeast fermentation, and attention to detail.” Palmeri is only available directly to consumers. The majority of Kerry’s domestic clients also follow this model, in selling their wines.

He is also an educator of the following: collaborating, strategizing coordinating operations management, classifying winery start-up and expansion, and evaluating any given wine circumstance.

Today, with more than 30 years of winemaking experience, Kerry Damskey is Chief Executive Officer of Terriors, Inc., and is recognized on five continents for his acuity and focus on creating brilliant wines. Production is now shared with Drew Damskey; both Kerry and Drew take the lead at various points. Kerry and Drew both generate income for Terroirs, Inc., by brokering deals, attracting new clients, and winemaking. Through his winemaking consulting practice at TERROIRS, Inc., Kerry has a hand in overseeing custom winegrowing, winemaking, and vineyard acquisition; as well as, offering strategic planning and operational management for new and established wineries.